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Video Production

We can videotape your training, marketing or educational production for in house use, Internet, cable or local broadcast! With our creative team, 3 chip digital video cameras for acquisition and editing, high quality is maintained throughout production.


  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Product demonstrations
  • Education & training
  • Training
  • Product portfolios
  • Documentary
  • Digital Video Editing  
  • NLE-Avid, Media Studio Pro 
  • Rotoscoping 
  • Streaming video
  • Photo Pan & Scan to video 
  • Special EFX

Video/Audio Capture and Conversion

We can convert analog and digital video and audio to a variety of formats including

  • AVI
  • DV
  • Quicktime
  • RealVideo

  • MPEG

  • Streaming

Video conversion Rates

available codecs include
Cinapak, Indeo Video 3.2, 4.0, 5.0, MPEG 1, 2 & 4
Windows Media ASF, RealVideo, Quicktime and others

$50 per minute

$25 /min. each additional minute

additional formats $25/min

$100 minimum + $25 set up fee

Video Samples

Right click to "save source"  MPEG file to your computer.

These are highly compressed, uncompressed video that we edit is approximately 256 megs per minute.

The streaming ASF and RealVideo files are much lower quality

Download 30 second Ad for GTG Hydroponics
(MPEG 1 format 29 fps 4.1 megs)

We have moved the streaming ASF file to it's own page
as it will open a player window and autostart on MACs
(it should open with in the page and not start automatically)

gtg.asf streaming Windows Media (589k) 56k

NEW GTG Broadband Windows Media video 768kps (3MB)

Macs may need lates version of Windows Media Player.

Download 30 second Ad for PWPG/WMS
(MPEG 1 format 29 fps 6.5 megs)

Streaming RealVideo (138K)